Boxing: According to promoter Ben-Shalom, Steve Robinson will compete in “huge domestic heavyweight matches” with Dave Allen

Source: Skysports

Boxing: According to promoter Ben-Shalom, Steve Robinson is a “mountain of a guy” who can light up the domestic heavyweight scene against Dave Allen or Fabio Wardley.

Robinson won a first-round knockout in his hometown of Newcastle earlier this month after walking to the ring to the tune of ‘The Lion King.’

After Robinson’s fourth professional bout, BOXXER promoter Shalom told Sky Sports, “We have to be realistic with him – he’s 31 but has never been picked up before.”

“He can bang and be in the gym the next day [after his KO victory].” He is completely immersed in the sport.

“He’s a mountain of a man, a true character, and he has a huge following in Newcastle.”

“We’ll build him gradually.” That was only his fourth fight, but he has a lot of huge domestic contests ahead of him.

“He demonstrated his strength. I believe he is far superior to Alen Babic.

Babic has knocked out all eight of his opponents, Wardley is unbeaten in 12 fights, and Allen recently ended his retirement by returning to the ring.

“I would definitely love to be fighting for a belt in four or five fights,” Robinson told Sky Sports.

“I need to make sure I’m prepared for the step-up in rounds because once you go up, there’s no going back down.”

“You must always be on the rise. People will criticise you and all sorts of things will happen to you.

“As a team, we’ll do it educated, make sure the timing is correct, and don’t force anything, but in four fights, I’ll be safely ready to compete for a title.”

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