Boxing: According to promoter Ben-Shalom, if Amir Khan and Kell Brook fail the 149-pound weight limit, they will be fined six-figure’ sum

Source: Skysports

Boxing: If Amir Khan and Kell Brook miss weight, promoter Ben-Shalom announced that they will be penalised a “six-figure” sum for each pound beyond the agreed-upon limit.

The largest all-British battle outside of the heavyweight division will take place on February 19 when Khan and Brook finally meet inside the ring.

After debating which class to fight in at a press conference, they’ve agreed to fight at 149 pounds (two pounds above the welterweight limit).

“They’re both taking the weight seriously,” said BOXXER promoter Shalom, who said Khan and Brook face a six-figure fine for each pound they weigh over 149 pounds.

“They shouldn’t have any weight issues because they’re so motivated.”

“We expect both boxers to be prepared, despite the significant financial penalties.”

“I have bent over backwards for your requests,” Brook had earlier told Khan.

“You’re partly retired now,” Khan teased Brook. “You appear to be overweight!”

“I’m hearing Amir is in incredible shape and training with Terence Crawford’s crew,” Shalom added.

“We’re going to have to witness Brook at his best.”

“I spoke with Brook’s dietician, who is astounded by their development.

“It’s been said that Brook hasn’t been this fired up since his battle with Errol Spence Jr.

“To Brook, this is everything. They’re observing him from a new perspective.

“We’ll see what both of them have to offer. They’re taking it very seriously, and they’ll be practising on Christmas Day!”

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