Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have approved an offer for undisputed world title fight this summer

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury
Source : Sky Sports

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have approved an offer according to promoter Eddie Hearn. The site offer is to decide the undisputed world heavyweight this summer. Both Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have been considering many offers that have been put on the table. Hearn said he met Fury on Tuesday who confirmed the offer. A date and venue are yet to be announced but both parties have reached an agreement.

“Both sides have approved the site offer that they want to go with, and now we’re just finalising the site deal and we’re in a great place,” Hearn said. “I saw Tyson yesterday. I just messaged him and said, ‘I’m in Vegas, I’m in your hotel if you fancy a cuppa. We just had five or 10 minutes together and it was good, because I don’t represent Tyson Fury, so I don’t know what is in his mind. What he basically cemented in my mind was, this is the only fight he wants, and I know that’s the same with AJ.”

Saudi Arabia, America, China, Qatar, Singapore, Dubai and Britain were all in the running to host the fight. But Hearn said an agreement for the fight has been reached. The fight will now take place this summer.

“There is no option for this fight to go at the back end of the year, and I’ve made that clear. The hardest thing about securing the site is in this world we live in today, most people would like to kick it to November, December. That’s not available. It was never available.” Hearn continued. “What was available was a summer fight for the undisputed world heavyweight championship. That is what you’re going to get. Both guys want two fights this year. One will be in the summer and one will be in December.”


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