Washington Wizards ban fan who ran onto court during playoff game vs Philadelphia 76ers

Washington Wizards Philadelphia 76ers
Source: Sky Sports

The Washington Wizards are set to ban a fan who ran onto the court during their playoff clash against the Philadelphia 76ers. He was tackled by security soon after he ran on the court. According to a statement from Monumental Sports & Entertainment, the fan could face criminal charges in addition to being banned indefinitely from the Capital One Arena.

“During this evening’s game, a fan was apprehended by Capital One Arena Special Police after attempting to breach the court,” said the statement, posted on social media. “He will be banned from the arena and charges are being pursued with DC MPD.”

Both teams started to charge the fan after he was tackled by a security guard. Eyewitnesses have said that the fan ran onto the court and slapped a backboard when the action was on the other side of the court. Dwight Howard was seen standing over the fan and having a few choice words with him. There have been a number of confrontations between fans and players after restrictions have been eased post the coronavirus lockdown.

A Boston Celtics fan has been arrested after he threw a water bottle at Brooklyn Nets and former Celtic, Kyrie Irving. He was charged with assault and battery after the game. On the same night, a 76ers fan dumped popcorn on Russell Westbrook. The Philadelphia 76ers have revoked the fan’s season ticket as well as apologized to Washington Wizards guard Westbrook.

“I wouldn’t come up to me on the street and throw popcorn on my head because you know what happens,” Westbrook said. “In these areas, you got to start protecting the players. We’ll see what the NBA does. Obviously, I have learned to look the other way. But to a certain extent, you can’t just keep looking the other way. There have to be some penalties or something to put in place where fans just can’t come to the games and do and say as they please.”


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