Super Basketball League: Steph Curry’s perfect quarter and 45-point performance sets the tone for this season’s MVP race

Super Basketball League
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Super Basketball League: Steph Curry called his debut against the Los Angeles Lakers “crap” and confessed he “shot the ball poorly.”

He still had his first triple-double since 2016 and helped the Golden State Warriors win 115-106 on the road, but it’s evident he has higher expectations for himself.

It wasn’t a bad way to bounce back if you can call it that, as he hit all nine of his field goals, including five from beyond the arc, to score 25 points in the first quarter against the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night.

In comparison, the Clippers only scored 27 points as a team during the same time span.

Despite the Warriors stretching their advantage to as much as 18 points in the second quarter, Ty Lue’s team would not give up. It was neck and neck halfway through the third. The Clippers even had the audacity to build a nine-point lead early in the fourth quarter, with Paul George (29 points, 11 rebounds, six assists) having a night to remember of his own.

The Warriors clawed it back, and then, inevitably, Curry put LA’s other team to bed and kissed them goodbye with two ludicrously deep three-point bombs in the final two minutes, bringing his total for the night to 45 points and earning the W for Dub City: final score 115-113.

Curry told the Inside The NBA crew after the game that placing himself in contention for Most Valuable Player is always part of the quest with each new season, but he attempts to do it the correct way.

“If you’re performing your job correctly, that’s hopefully the ultimate outcome, that you’re in that dialogue,” he stated.

“Affecting victory, leading a team on and off the court.” Just looking for strategies to improve your game.

“It’s always a part of the plan. It’s not so much a vision of the MVP trophy every time you step on the court as it is the expectation of how you’re supposed to play every night, which is MVP-type, [MVP] calibre expectations. As a result, I always have that.”

In the 2020-21 season, Curry finished third in MVP voting, with big men Joel Embiid and eventual victor Nikola Jokic dominating the discussion for much of the season. Curry, on the other hand, received five more first-place votes than runner-up Embiid (one).

All-time 3-pointers made, NBA history

Player 3-pointers made
Ray Allen 2,973
Steph Curry 2,842
Reggie Miller 2,560
Kyle Korver 2,450
James Harden 2,449


One facet of Curry’s game that appears to have improved is his rebounding, which he increased from a career-high 5.5 per game the previous season. He has grabbed 10 rebounds in each of his two games so far, an impressive total for a 6ft 2in the guard who isn’t known for his athleticism.

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