New LA Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue says ‘it feels good to be wanted’

Source : Sky Sports

Tyronn Lue, the LA Clippers new head coach nows that he has hs wor cut out to bring a first NBA Championship to the franchise. Tyronn Lue is stepping into his new job as coach of the LA Clippers fully aware of the pressure to bring the first NBA championship to the long-suffering franchise.

“I lost 35 pounds, changed my diet. That was the main thing, focus on me. After Cleveland, I had the whole season to reflect on what I could have done better.” Lue said. “I am big on pressure. If you don’t have the pressure that means you don’t have a chance to win a championship. I want to be one of the greatest coaches.”

“Our two players, they lead by example. Practising hard and working hard every day individually on their game,” he added. “You are not going to have the best players be your leaders all the time. It is going to be collective.”

“They are going to have to adjust to my system and my program, but I’m also going to have to adjust,” Lue said of Leonard and George. “It starts on the defensive end with those two guys setting the tone every night.”



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