Kyrie Irving: Brooklyn Nets guard blasts NBA’s ‘human zoos’

Kyrie Irving: Brooklyn Nets
Source: Sky Sports

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving termed NBA arenas these days as ‘human zoos’. A fan was arrested for throwing a water bottle at Kyrie Irving when the Brooklyn Nets met the Boston Celtics in Game 4 of their playoff series. There was a video of the incident posted on social media of the bottle just missing the Brooklyn Nets star. The Nets took a 3-1 lead in the series with Kyrie Irving contributing 39 points. Reports have suggested that the accused could be banned from the Celtics stadium for life.

“It’s unfortunate that sports have come to this crossroads where a lot of old ways are coming up,” Irving said. “It’s been that way for entertainment for a long time with underlying racism and just treating people like they are in a human zoo.”

“We are not animals, we are not in the circus,” he added. “You coming to the game is not all about you as a fan. So, have some respect for the game.”

The conduct of fans in the NBA has come under scrutiny over the past couple of weeks. A total of five spectators have been banned indefinitely for “completely unacceptable” towards players and their families. Kevin Durant has urged fans to “grow up”.


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