Kenny Smith: Los Angeles Lakers’ health puts them in danger of missing the playoffs

Kenny Smith: Los Angeles Lakers
Source: Sky Sports

Pundit Kenny Smith has warned the Los Angeles Lakers about missing the NBA playoffs. The Lakers have had numerous injury problems in the past few weeks. Anthony Davis was the last casualty when he left the game due to injury. The medical team later confirmed that he had suffered severe back spasms. Their superstar LeBron James faces a further spell on the sidelines with an ankle injury. The injury had kept him out for six weeks before returning two games ago. Smith says that hoping the pair show up for a potential play-in tournament could spell trouble.

“It’s very important, the Lakers’ health. I know that there are guys who say, ‘well, they can turn it on. ‘LeBron James can turn it on’ or ‘Anthony Davis, together (they) can turn it on, but I’m not a believer in that.” Kenny Smith said about the Los Angeles Lakers. “I’m a believer in continuity. I’m a believer in chemistry. I’m a believer in confidence for guys who are (role players) because there’s a build-up to confidence and there is a build-up to winning.”

The Lakers are currently tied with the Portland Trail Blazers with an identical record with their next opponents. The only factor is that they have a better record against teams in the Western Conference. The Lakers are 22-16 against the other teams in the Western Conference while the Trail Blazers are 18-18.

“So, for me, health is super important. I really believe that they have a chance to not be in the playoffs and to be losing the play-in games if they’re limping in the way they’re doing now.” Smith continued. “I don’t think you can just show up. Because of those other teams, they are going to be ready. The notion that LeBron and AD could miss all this time and show up in a must-win game situation, to me, that’s a very difficult task.”



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