Ja Morant brands Utah Jazz fans’ treatment of his family as ‘very unacceptable’

Ja Morant Utah Jazz
Source: Sky Sports

Ja Morant revealed that he was shocked by how the Utah Jazz fans treated his family during Game 2. The New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Utah Jazz have permanently banned a total of five fans from their respective stadiums throughout the playoffs. The NBA has made it clear that the strict enforcement of rules surrounding fan behaviours shall be followed.

A number of fans were seen harassing Morant’s family during their 141-120 victory. Morant had invited a bunch of family members to the game and was seated amongst the Jazz fans. He revealed that a number of fans stood up to the three fans who were harassing his family. The Jazz announced the following that the fans have been permanently banned from the stadium.

“Obviously, it’s very unacceptable what went on,” Morant said Friday night. “My family’s doing well. I mean it’s just mind-blowing that type of stuff still continues in the world today.”

During the third quarter, Morant revealed that he noticed his family talking to security, complaining about the three fans. He requested his team’s security to tell his family to say calmly and even stop cheering if necessary. Morant who finished with a career-high of 47 points later said he was frustrated on learning what the fans had said to his family.

“If I knew what they said, I would’ve let my family handle business instead of trying to calm them down,” Ja Morant said while talking about the Utah Jazz fans. “Obviously, it’s tough on all of us, but we move forward. Obviously, we’re going to continue to speak up and try to stop this. We’re glad Utah did what they did to those fans.”

Morant admitted that it was highly unlikely that his family would travel to Utah for Game 5 of the series. He suggested that the NBA take measures to keep traveling fans seated together to avoid such situations in the future.


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