Former players accuse Texas State basketball coach Danny Kaspar of racism

FILE - In this March 12, 2017, file photo, Texas State coach Danny Kaspar reacts during the first half of the team's NCAA college basketball game against Troy for the Sun Belt tournament title in New Orleans. Texas State ordered an investigation Friday, June 5, 2020, into a former basketball player's allegations of racist remarks by coach Danny Kaspar. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Former players of the state’s basketball team, Jaylen Shead and Alex Peacock have spoken out publicly detailing racist remarks and instances. Shead was a student-athlete at Texas State and a starter for the men’s basketball team during the 2018-19 season.

In twitter posts that have now gone viral, Jaylen wrote, “I could overlook the way coach Kaspar treated the players in most regards. I could overlook the lies he fed us to get us there and keep us there. I could overlook the way he disregarded the rules and our health. But I could not turn away from the many racially insensitive things that were said to me and other teammates.”

Former players accuse Texas State basketball coach Danny Kaspar of racism

He added, “I had never seen someone abuse their power in such a way before, especially someone who claimed he ‘cared about us’.”

He detailed racist remarks and instances during practice, “As one of my teammates was running ‘suicides,’ he told him to “chase that chicken” as “encouragement” to speed up.”

He also wrote what the coach would say if he caught them using the N-word, “If y’all say the N-word that means I can say it.”

Alex Peacock also showed support writing, “I stand with my boy Jaylen and everything he says 100 percent. There is no embellishment in what he said.”

Texas State Athletic Director Larry Teis issued a statement, “I personally find these allegations deeply troubling. I, and the entire Department of Athletics staff, take the concerns expressed by our former student-athletes very seriously. At my request, the university has launched a formal investigation through the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX. It is our top priority to fully cooperate with the investigation. The Department of Athletics is committed to strengthening our university culture that values and supports diversity, equity and inclusion for our student-athletes, staff, and community.”




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