Basketball player Seth Towns detained by police during Columbus protest


The player who recently transferred to the Ohio State team was detained by police in Columbus while taking part in the protest.

The protest in Columbus is just one of many that have popped up around the country in response to the barbaric death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Towns just graduated from Harvard on Thursday was released by the police soon after being detained and is safe at home according to reports. He wasn’t arrested or charged.

A statement from Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann on twitter read, “Last night we were made aware of a situation involving one of our incoming players at a protest here in Columbus. I wanted to give Seth Towns time to release his personal statement before w commented. We fully support our players’ right to peacefully protest. In the time that I’ve gotten to know Seth, it’s clear that he has a heart for social justice. As I said in my statement yesterday morning, we will continue to openly discuss this within our program. We pray for safety in our city, state and around the country.”Basketball player Seth Towns detained by police during Columbus protest


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