Basketball News: Kyrie Irving, the Brooklyn Nets’ star, has opted out of the coronavirus vaccine and could play a reduced NBA schedule

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Basketball News: The NBA does not require players to take a vaccine, but New York City has a ban on athletes practising or playing in games within city limits; Irving is a vice president on the NBA players’ union’s executive committee.

Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets does not want to receive the Covid-19 vaccination, and his aunt has suggested that the NBA form an agreement with anti-vaccine players that would allow them to play in fewer games.

The Rolling Stone revelation on the anti-vax movement within the NBA came on the heels of another report from Fox Sports, which stated that Irving had yet to receive his first Covid shot.

The NBA does not require players to get vaccinated, but New York City has a policy that prohibits sportsmen from practising or playing in games within city lines.

“With so many other players choosing out outside of him, I’d like to think they’d find a way,” Kyrie’s aunt, Tyki Irving, told Rolling Stone.

“It might happen every third game.” So you have a complete season of being interactive and on the court, but with the limits that they, of course, impose on you.

“There could be some sort of mechanism where the NBA and the players can come to an agreement.”

According to Rolling Stone, perhaps 50 to 60 NBA players have yet to receive the first dosage of a coronavirus vaccine.

According to the report, Irving follows an Instagram account whose owner distributes unfounded conspiracy theories about Covid vaccinations being part of “Satan’s ultimate goal to enslave the human spirit.” He has liked a few of the posts on the account.

Irving wields additional power as a vice president on the players’ union’s executive committee.

The 2021-22 NBA regular season begins on October 19, when the Nets travel to Milwaukee to face the Bucks. Their home opener is against Charlotte on October 24.

Irving has a history of skipping games for personal reasons. He took an 11-day, seven-game leave of absence from the Nets to deal with “family and personal matters” early in the 2020-21 season.

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