Basketball Court: Stephen Curry is a once-in-a-lifetime athlete, according to LeBron James; Warriors guard aims for a three-point record

Basketball Court
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Basketball Court: Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is on the verge of breaking Ray Allen’s all-time three-point record, needing just 10 more three-pointers to overtake the Hall of Famer.

Once the achievement is accomplished, players from all over the league will be praising the two-time MVP, with Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James already praising him.

“I wish I could be there to congratulate him,” James said following his team’s victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday. “I’ll be one of the men in our league who will socially congratulate him.”

“Listen, I know Ray, and I know how hard he worked on that. And if there’s one person he has to let pass his record, it’s Steph, and I’m sure Ray is grateful that it’s someone like that. “That’s a pretty cool achievement.”

James went on to say: “We’ve all seen what Steph Curry has accomplished in his career and how he’s altered the game. He’s a basketball player who comes along once in a lifetime.”

Curry could tie or break Allen’s record as soon as Saturday when the Warriors take on the Philadelphia 76ers in a game. The Warriors’ next two games are on the road, against the Indiana Pacers on Monday and the New York Knicks on Tuesday.

On Wednesday night, when Curry was 16 long balls away from breaking the record, James admitted to following along.

“I’m literally sitting there in my chair doing the math in my brain. ’16… okay, I know he’s made 12 a few times,’ I’m thinking. ‘Well, if anyone is capable of doing it, it will be him.’ That just goes to show how amazing he is.”

The two superstars have maintained a cordial rivalry over the years after facing off in four consecutive NBA Finals last decade, with Curry and Golden State winning three of those meetings against the James-led Cleveland Cavaliers.

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