Max Kepler apologizes for ‘Blue Lives Matter’ photo


The Minnesota Twins outfielder posted a photo of himself wearing a mask bearing the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag. This caused social media outrage as people believed he was supporting the police in the case of the death of George Floyd.

Floyd has become the African American victim of police brutality after he was killed because a whit police officer was kneeling on his neck during an arrest. He was unarmed at the time and cooperated fully with the police. The entire incident was caught on video.

The Blue Lives Matter movement was started as a counter to the Black Lives Matter movement. The baseball player apologized soon after on social media.

He posted, “Earlier, I posted a photo of me in a mask that was sent to me by a company, to wear during the pandemic. I had no idea that the mask had any underlying inference — I simply thought it looked good. After I was informed, I immediately took down the post.

I take complete responsibility for not knowing what I was wearing. I am truly sorry for the hurt and pain my actions have caused, especially now.

Racism has no place in our world and I do not in any way support the actions that we all witnessed that led to George Floyd’s passing. My sympathies are with the Floyd family.”Max Kepler apologizes for 'Blue Lives Matter' photo


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