Winks Calls for Transparency about Mental Health in Quarantine Life


England’s Harry Winks has stated the importance of caring for our mental health in an interview with Micah Richards as part of the Football Association’s #footballsstayinghome campaign.

He urges people to freely share any problems they encounter while living under the worldwide lockdown, saying that transparency is key: “People have come out and said more about their problems, it’s important that everyone talks about it and it leads to a healthier lifestyle and mindset.”

Winks has been busy after restrictions, keeping Tottenham in line with regular Zoom sessions, and is fortunate enough to have a near support network of loved ones to stay in contact with:

“When you’re trapped in your house it can be quite difficult. I’m lucky I’ve got such a strong group of people around me – my friends, my family who I talk to every day, and it’s important that I stay in touch with them.

“I follow government guidelines, go for a daily walk every day as well, just to get out of the house, get some fresh air, a bit of exercise. But I’m lucky that I’ve got that close-knit family and friends around me.”

The 24-year-old admitted that not everyone finds it easy to address their mental health. “It’s important – especially as men, not just footballers,” he said. “We always trained never to really talk about things and get it off our chests but I think now everybody is more open about it.”

He has done well emphasizing the importance of mental health awareness in what is a difficult period in society.


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