UEFA Switches to Merit in Selecting for European Competitions


The coronavirus pandemiс  may be wreaking havoc on the financial standing of the football industry, but it has presented them with unexpected boons too (like UEFA handing out financial aid to clubs).

BBC Sport reports that UEFA will use sporting merit rather than club coefficient to settle on the qualification for next season’s European tournaments.

The Premier League has nine remaining rounds of games but there are also 11 and 12 games left both in Spain and Italy.

The Spanish Football Association recommended that positions be assigned depending on club coefficient after a video conference of all 55 national associations.

This process, estimated over the past five years, should have helped Atletico Madrid, who are currently outside the top four in La Liga at the expense of Real Sociedad. It will mean qualifying for the Champions League at the expense of Leicester City at Manchester United.

However, it is now known that a meeting of UEFA’s executive committee decided that on-field results this season would be the deciding aspect leading to a league being suspended.

The exact information concerning sporting merit has yet to be clarified, while UEFA is scheduled to make a public statement on Thursday.



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