UEFA Helps Clubs with 70 Million Euros


UEFA has decided to help clubs cope with the financial crisis caused by the COVID-19 disease pandemic.

The disbursement of these funds was supposed to be after the completion of the additional qualifications, which were to be played in March but were delayed due to the spread of coronavirus. According to the new plan, additional qualifications are due to be completed in October, but UEFA has already decided to transfer money to the club accounts.

“In these difficult times, many clubs are facing financial difficulties, especially with liquidity. It was our duty to ensure that these clubs were paid out as soon as possible,” said UEFA President Alexander Cheferin for UEFA site.

President of the European Clubs Association (ECA) Andrea Agnelli praised the reaction of the umbrella organization of European football: “This represents a much-needed injection of liquidity for club finances and is the result of the joint work of ECA and UEFA to protect clubs from an existential threat.”

As such, UEFA has released almost 70 million euros to the club ahead of schedule, to compensate for the participation of their players in representative qualifiers for the European Championships.

Fifty million euros will be awarded to clubs whose players are part of 39 non-qualifying teams, an additional € 17.7 million will be allocated to clubs whose players are in the 16 additional qualifying teams, and another 2.7 million will be distributed upon completion of the qualification process.



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