UEFA and ECA Decide to Continue the UEFA Champions League


A working group composed of representatives of the European Football Association (UEFA), the European Club Association (ECA) and national football leagues, decided to resume the UEFA Champions League.

It will continue on August 8, with the final tournament between the four best clubs to be played in Istanbul, world media reported.

At the time of the interruption due to the pandemic caused by the spread of the coronavirus, four quarterfinalists of the Champions League were known, and four return matches of the eighth finals have not been played yet.

Atletico Madrid, PSG, Atalanta and RB Leipzig made it to the quarterfinals, and the remaining four clubs will be known after the return matches Juventus – Lyon (0-1), Manchester City – Real Madrid (2-1), Bayern – Chelsea (3 -0) and Barcelona – Napoli (1-1).

In the quarterfinals, only one match would decide on the placement in the final tournament.

The same competition system would apply to the Europa League, which should resume on 6 August.

This decision should be confirmed at a meeting of the UEFA Executive Board scheduled for June 17, albeit the original date was May 27.


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