Tuttosport Says Valencia Cannot Blame Gasperini for Not Knowing He Had Coronavirus


Gian Piero Gasperini had never been screened for COVID-19 because he had no fever, but recent blood tests have shown that he has the antibodies.

Tuttosport defends the coach of Atalanta, trying to suggest that he picked up COVID-19 in Valencia on March 10 for a Champions League game.

On 11 March there were 1,146 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Valencia.

Their investigation suggests that Valencia cannot be too upset with the coach, as there was a large public gathering in the city on March 8 for Women’s Day, then Atalanta captain Papu Gomez irritably referred to reporters as ‘clowns’ when they tried to crowd around him at the airport on March 9, snubbing out social distancing guidelines.

The timeline for Tuttosport points to the fact that on March 16, 10 players and staff tested positively for COVID-19, while Atalanta goalkeeper Marco Sportiello tested only on March 24.

Because coronavirus usually takes 5-14 days to develop in the body, it is likely that coronavirus has already been present in Valencia and has not been transported by Atalanta.

Tuttosport thus tried to prove that Gasperini may have picked up the virus while in Spain for that 4-3 win on March 10.

When Gasperini revealed to the Gazzetta dello Sport that he felt unwell the day before the match, then worse that night and spent the next few days in bed in Bergamo, the tactician provoked huge controversy.

Valencia was furious, demanding an investigation by UEFA as to why Gasperini did not inform them that he had some symptoms of coronavirus when he entered the Mestalla.


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