Totti Reveals the Real Reason for Not Joining Real Madrid


Francesco Totti admitted that he was very close to a transfer to Real Madrid and confesses why it did not actually happen.

The Roma legend turned down a famous transfer offer to Real and ended up as a loyal Roma soldier who never left the club during his entire career.

“I was 80% ready to move to Real Madrid. It wasn’t the best period for Roma, although it’s true that the management at the time would have done everything I could ask for,” Totti said for Marca. However, his deal fell through and he remained at Roma.

This deal failed because Los Blancos did not want to offer him more money than what Raúl González Blanco is earning:

“Real offered a lot of money, they also offered me a lot, everything I could wish for. I should have got a 25 million euro contract, they offered me everything except the captain’s armband because Raúl was there. He was a player who had to earn most.”


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