Torrent Discloses How Overruling Guardiola Cost Bayern Players the 2014 Match against Real Madrid


According to his former assistant Domenec Torrent, the Bayern players overruled Pep Guardiola ’s strategies before a 4-0 loss to Real Madrid in 2014, reports Goal.

The 57-year-old claims the players took things upon themselves to go toe to toe with Madrid. “The concept of Pep should have been something of a wait-and-see tactic, but key actors decided to move something quickly, more stormily.” Torrent told Kicker.

Torrent, who was sitting that evening on the bench next to Guardiola, announced that some Bayern stars had ignored the instructions of their boss, which were given before the match.

However, he’s not sure if they had taken Guardiola’s plan whether there would have been a better result:

“When conceding goals, there were defensive behaviour errors, but there are always such errors. Perhaps with Pep’s idea of more control we would still have lost 0-4, perhaps even 0-5.”


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