Toni Kroos Believes Bundesliga Return Will Determine Future of Football This Year


The Bundesliga is expected to be the first major European league to resume after the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, LaLiga Santander is not due to restart until June.

Interestingly, Toni Kroos claims that the way in which the Bundesliga return is managed will pave the way (or not!) for other football competitions to restart.

“Here, everyone has the impression that, if the Germans can’t play their league, then no one will be able to continue,” Kroos told German media, claim Marca.

Incidentally, his Real Madrid returned to training for the first time in two months this week.

“We were training at home for a long time with personalised routines,” Kroos said. “It was like a long holiday, like in summer, knowing that everything was going to come back at some point. Now we’ve started back up again with a pre-season of four or five weeks.”

Essentially, per Kroos, the short-term future of football depends on what happens in Germany:

“Germany had the best (lowest) numbers of infections and deaths from coronavirus.

“If they can’t finish the Bundesliga, who can do it?

“I’m sure that we’re all going to follow what happens with the German league.”


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