Thiago Alcantara Has Agreed to Revised Contract with Bayern


According to Christian Falk at Bild in Germany, Thiago Alcantara has agreed to a new contract at Bayern Munich.

The insider from Bayern wrote on his Twitter that it was his “special pleasure” to announce that an agreement had been reached with the German club seeking to make the statement later this week.

Thiago has been a key player in Bayern since his move from Barcelona in 2013, despite his terrible injury problems, and when fit he was also a key figure for the Spanish national team.

The decision to stay at Bayern probably rules out a final big move of Alcantara’s career. But you’ve already done pretty well when you played at Bayern and Barcelona, and for Spain.

This deal is great news for all football fans who enjoy seeing the silky midfielder on the pitch, and want to see him make up for lost time. Hopefully he will work on his fitness issues and will thus be able to continue playing in his 30s.


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