Ter Stegen May Remain at Camp Nou with a Renewed Contract Extension


The renewal of the contract with Barcelona for Marc ter Stegen is taking shape, Catalan Sport reports.

Barça wants to tie the extension up in 2022, with its current terms. They want the new deal to run until 2025 with an improved contract making him one of Camp Nou’s highest-paying players.

With his release clause at 180 million euros, Barça did not fear an immediate departure, but there was a danger in 2021 if he moved into the final 12 months of his deal.

Renewing Ter Stegen was thus an absolute priority. Negotiations have been going on since December, despite the fact that the two parties were somewhat far from an agreement.

Barça has made him see that the conditions cannot be the same as he wanted, as the football world is going to suffer enormous financial consequences because of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Ter Stegen never spoke to any club that didn’t call Barça because he always intended to stay. He is happy both at the club and in the town.

Despite interest from elsewhere, the goalkeeper always wanted to renew his deal with Barcelona.

After weeks of doubts, in which the German goalkeeper put the squeeze on the club economically, things now seem to be progressing well. Postures have moved closer in the latest talks. Barça is optimistic they will agree on the deal.

Talks had stopped when Spain hit by coronavirus. But Ter Stegen now understands the difficulty of this particular transfer window and is willing a slight improvement on his current terms, which does not pay as much as he had hoped before the pandemic.

Next week there are more meetings where the terms could begin to take shape, hopefully before La Liga comes back.


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