Strasbourg Match Attracts Hundreds of People with Municipal Police Proving to Be Ineffective


While gatherings of more than ten people are prohibited in public space, this Sunday, May 24 in Strasbourg, 400 people attended a football match between two districts.

The municipal police intervened but had not been able to avoid the meeting.

On Twitter, Professor Gilbert Deray, a doctor at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, believes that this gathering ” is frankly unreasonable. The virus is always present and this kind of meeting can constitute a mini-viral bomb.”

The targets were withdrawn as a precaution on many points in Strasbourg. The news comes from René Marbach, the president of the Alsace district. He is “shocked” and believes that such a meeting is unlikely to have been organized by clubs.

The deputy mayor of Strasbourg in charge of sport and the districts of Hautepierre, Pottery and Cronenbourg states that officials of amateur clubs have been called to order by the municipality but also by the football district of Alsace in recent days since, given the prohibition, “several training sessions have been held.”

“I am frightened of such a lack of responsibility, imagine if it becomes a cluster,” comments the deputy mayor, Serge Oehler, on this latest violation of lockdown laws.


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