Spurs Star Wins Pilsung Prize while in South Korea for Mandatory Military Service


Football star Son Heung-min, forward at Tottenham Hotspur, has finished his obligatory three-week military service in South Korea. The young forward supposedly claiming the highest results of all the trainees who had enlisted.

According to details released by the Korea Herald, at the training camp graduation ceremony on the southern island of Jeju, the attacker finished as one of just five people to earn an award.

“He won the ‘Pilsung’ prize, which is one of five types of best performer prizes,” a Marine Corps officer said ‘Pilsung’ is the South Korean Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force combat, which translates as ‘absolute win.’

With football being certainly put to a pause in March across the globe, Son returned to his country later that month to complete recovery on an injury to the head, and then completed his preparation.

“All the lessons have been judged equally and specifically, and his military training officers have said that he has faithfully gone through the preparation,” the same official said.

Although the exact scores of the trainees have not been released, officials have been cited as stating that Son finished as a top of 157 people in total.

Son participated in a program during his tenure back in his home country, which included shooting and bayonet techniques, chemical, biological and radiological preparation, human military skills and medical care. Son, in the shooting discipline, is reported to have scored a total 10 out of 10.


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