Spanish Football Players Will Resume Training Earlier than Anticipated


Players on Spain’s top two football flights will return to training this week, amidst the state-wide quarantine issued in light of the spread of COVID-19.

They will initially train alone but at a later date, they will implement a “staggered return to training” with players training together. Such early schedules have been organized in hopes of the leagues restarting as soon as June.

In March, Spanish football was suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Other nations proscribed similar lockdowns and cancellation of all football activities. Each is coping with the pandemic and reschedule football events differently:

The Premier League in the United Kingdom hopes to resume on June 8 but there is disagreement between the clubs on how to proceed.

In Germany, clubs trained in groups before a scheduled return to team training. On 16 or 23 May, the German league could start again.

The top leagues in France and the Netherlands have already been announced to not resume.


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