Spadafora States Series A Training to Return with Minimal Changes to FIGC Protocol


Vincenzo Spadafora has stated that only slight improvements to the FIGC protocol are required for Serie A clubs to be able to start training on May 18.

He said during a parliamentary session this afternoon: “A few minutes ago, before I got to the Chamber, I received a letter from the President of the FIGC, Gravina, in which he announced the FIGC had accepted all the feedback of the scientific committee, readjusting the protocol and therefore allowing, without any further difficulties, training to resume from May 18.”

One of the amendments demanded by the Minister for Sports Government is for the entire team to quarantine for two weeks if one of their player’s tests coronavirus positive says Football Italia.

Earlier this week, Spadafora said that the FIGC has made the requisite changes to its health protocol. He, however, also challenged the return of football when he said that it could only happen ‘in complete health.’ There is therefore confusion regarding the return of football. The news of training resuming has further complicated this matter.


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