Spadafora Prohibits All Squad Preparation and Group Training


Using the words ‘allenamenti delle squadre’, Minister of Sports Vincenzo Spadafora has informed that ‘team training will not begin until May 18’.

but this statement, which translates simply into ‘squad preparation’, has created uncertainty. Is Spadafora indicating that teams will not even be able to train in groups?

On the other hand, some people viewed his comments as a nod to all forms of preparation, throwing uncertainty at tomorrow’s plans for several Serie A sides.

Initially, Spadafora disregarded the concept of adding squad activities to specific players, suggesting Serie A teams would have to wait until May 18 until they could reopen their doors, reports Football Italia.

That was followed by an unexpected change of views on Monday from the politician and the government granting permission to sides to resume solo workouts:

“I am sorry, but at the moment I’d rather focus on all the other activities and facilities (gyms, dance clubs, swimming pools, etc.) that ought to reopen as soon as possible!”


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