Should Inter Sell Lautaro Martinez?


According to Former Italian international Antonio Cassano, yes. “Lautaro is very good, but I would sell him,” Cassano told Perluigi Pardo on Instagram.

The former Inter attacker believed that the increased valuation of the 22-year-old Argentinian would make him a profitable transfer, passing him on to Bacaelona. The profits would give Nerazzurri the opportunity to invest wisely.

“You brought him for €20m and sell him for over €100m. Or even get €70m to €80m and Arthur. Then I would go for [PSG forward Edinson] Cavani, who is on an expiring contract and would be perfect for [coach Antonio] Conte.

“In addition, there will also be money from the sale of [Mauro] Icardi and I would go to Arsenal to bring in [Alexandre] Lacazette,” he said.

He firmly maintained that, “Lautaro will become even better, but I would say to him: ‘it was a pleasure’.”



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