Shaw Excited for Manchester United to Begin Training Sessions Again


Defender Luke Shaw promises Manchester United will take “a big move further” as they report to work on Wednesday.

While interaction with teams is not yet allowed, United’s team will reconvene for a first session after the limits on coronavirus have been eased for professional sport.

Shaw assured the official website of United that it will not just be the players who enjoy returning to play, stating that “you could see how happy the coaches were” during team call.

Tiny group practices will begin, but players will stick to the principles of social space, arriving at home in training kits, and showering separately rather than in shared changing rooms.

“The guidelines may seem really strict, but naturally we’re just trying to stick to them only to make sure we are operating as well and secure as possible.” said Shaw.

He concluded by exclaiming, “It’s going to be great to be with different people to see the boys again for a bit. It’s a big move forward to be on the same training field with each other.”


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