Series C President Francesco Ghirelli Warns That Series C Cannot Continue


Italy’s top three divisions are granted until the end of the season on August 20, but Serie C President Francesco Ghirelli warns ‘we are in no condition to play.’

“I have to be honest here, what happened today in the Federation meeting was far from satisfactory,” wrote Ghirelli on the Lega Pro website. “Serie C has a specific place in professional football, which is why there are Serie A, B and C divisions. We are in no condition to play, we were told that by 60 club medics, so why should we be hypocritical and say otherwise?”

Although Series A and B welcomed the FIGC announcement today, there was a somewhat different reaction in the third tier, where clubs have already voted to end the 2019-20 season here:

“Football needs to be reformed at its very foundations and in its culture. We are unable to guarantee health and security measures and the new protocol is simply beyond the resources of most Serie C clubs.

He talked of the potential plans of action: “I will discuss it with the Presidents again. There is a possibility of actually freezing the division as it is, promoting the top three group winners and determining the fourth by play-offs.

“We voted on this, but we can discuss them again. My sole aim is to protect the interests of the clubs and players because health is paramount.”


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