Series A and Italian Government Yet to Finalize New Medical Protocol


Group training is expected to begin tomorrow, but today the Lega Series A and the Government will seek to finalize a new medical procedure to start the season.

The new Government decree was signed last night and introduced at the press conference of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, announcing that sports teams will commence group training on Monday 18 May.

Nevertheless, the medical procedure agreed by the Government and FIGC on Wednesday was dismissed just 24 hours later by the Lega Serie A and the Players’ Association.

Still, Series A and the Government remain “hopeful” that the season will resume on 13 June and be concluded by the end of July.

The Lega Series A and the Players’ Association have drawn up their own policy and submitted it to the Government, which is scheduled to be addressed later today.

They objected that mandating a 15-day quarantine for the whole group if one person tested positive for COVID-19 was unnecessary and would almost immediately interrupt the season grinding.

It is hoped that the Government will agree that, instead of placing the entire group in quarantine if there is a positive result, they will then isolate the person and opt for a blanket swab and blood tests on the others.

The most recent legal language also blames only medics if there is a significant mistake or violation of the protocol, for example not telling people that the player tested positive and then allowing him to come into contact with others.

This is another question to be addressed by the decision. Must club doctors alone be kept accountable if one of their players or workers has contracted coronavirus?

In the meantime, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that teams should start a ‘semi-solo’ version of the training so that they can transfer the ball to each other, but remain at a distance of two metres.


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