Rugani’s Pregnant Girlfriend Reveals How She Coped with Coronavirus, Grateful for Online Support


Michela Persico, Juventus defender Daniele Rugani’s partner, has spoken up about the terror she faced when she discovered she had caught the coronavirus while being pregnant.

“The day I discovered that Daniele had been testing positively, I just assumed I was, too. It was like my brain was short-circuited, thinking about all the ways that this might affect the baby,” Persico told Tuttosport.

She clarified that it was better now, “I’m well now, but fortunately I’ve had only minor symptoms: lack of smell and taste, fever, exhaustion. Daniele and I were very lucky as compared with several others.”

While her family and physicians are to be thanked for her and Rugani’s recovery, she extends her deep gratitude to the online followers who lent their love and support to them: “The encouragement I got on social media, not only from Juventus supporters shocked me particularly. He also experienced the love that goes beyond being a part of a soccer squad.”

She sadi about coronavirus, “It is such a modern illness, we don’t realize the symptoms and repercussions for pregnancy, and it has been scary over the first few days and I’ve been asking for help from everyone.”

“The main thing was the uncertainty of this birth and being isolated, given that Daniele was still sick and isolating himself, not to mention my family’s worry,” she recalled. “My Bergamo parents assured me they were constantly hearing street emergency sirens and nothing else. This was already the beginning of March.

“Thankfully, I managed to hold my head, after being informed by the physicians. I created a daily lockdown routine, which in my case took 35 days to complete.”


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