Rubinho Says Buffon Has Talent for Anything in Football


Former goalkeeper of Juventus Rubinho has said that Gianluigi Buffon will continue his career till whenever he wants.

“I expect everything from him,” Rubinho told Domenica Sport. “As long as he has the desire and determination to play, he must do it.”

The 37-year-old, who retired with Avai FC in December 2018 after a spell in his home country, has praised his former teammate Buffon, who turned 42, but will continue until at least June 2021.

Between 2012 and 2016, the Brazilian received back-up in Turin and only played twice for the Bianconeri during his four years at the club:

“I was really happy when he decided to go to PSG because he once again showed his great talent from another place.”

Rubinho also spoke about Giorgio Chiellini who, owing to his autobiography, has created headlines in recent weeks:

“His book has not yet arrived in Brazil. I admire him, he’s a very correct person, who I would like to have by my side all my life.

“If you manage to have the respect of Giorgio Chiellini, that’s a big thing. We are talking about a Man with a capital M.”


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