Rodgers Lost His Sense of Smell and His Sense of Taste while Battling Coronavirus


Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers caught the coronavirus soon after the Premier League season was postponed after having coronavirus.

“It was just after the season broke up. I and my wife had it. I really started suffering a week back, I had no scent and no taste” he told the BBC.

He added, “I didn’t have any strength and my wife was the same. I have been tested and we both had it. I really couldn’t move.”

“It reminded me of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the higher you climb, the more breathless.”

“10 Yards on foot felt very different. I went for a run and I simply couldn’t. I felt really weak, had no appetite, and had a strange feeling of having no taste for 3 weeks.”

He claims he’s made a complete recovery since, however.


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