Robin van Persie Opens Up about Arsenal


Robin van Persie recently opened up about Arsenal while talking to The High Performance Podcast about why he wrote an open letter to the supporters of Arsenal at the time.

Van Persie said that after signing for Manchester United, he would not have written an open letter to the supporters of Arsenal, in hindsight. “If I look back at that whole situation, I have to look at myself as well, where I could have done better or could have done something differently. If I look back, that open letter I shouldn’t have done that.”

Van Persie had spent eight years with the Gunners before leaving the Emirates Stadium in 2012, scoring 132 goals from 281 games in all competitions. He wrote an open letter after signing for Manchester United, which was released in the newspaper, outlining the reasons for his divisive transfer to one of Arsenal’s biggest rivals, despite the backlash he faced when he decided to move to Old Trafford.

The move was a good one- van Persie scored 26 times for United in the season following his exit, helping United retain the Premier League trophy. He does, however, regret how he behaved when leaving Arsenal.

Later, having had time to reflect on the situation, the Dutchman admitted that he was sorry for how he wanted to interact with the fans. Speaking to The High Performance Podcast, the 36-year-old said, “It wasn’t just between me and Arsene Wenger, of course there was more going on with Ivan [Gazidis], the way he acted and the way he treated the whole situation.

“If I look back at that, in such a delicate, difficult situation of making a transfer after spending so much time at Arsenal, to make a decision to write an open letter to tell my truth in two pages was impossible. I think back then it went to the newspaper because there was not social media. So I did that, and that was because I was disappointed with Ivan and his behaviour. But I could not go into detail about what exactly back then, because it’s just impossible to tell the whole story behind it. And partly it was the fact that Arsenal did not offer me a new deal. So if I look back at that, I should have done that better.”

It sounds as if the footballer has learnt from his mistakes.



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