Rizzoli Says Series A Players Allowed to Confront Referees but Only One at a Time


Refereeing designator Nicola Rizzoli has claimed that when Serie A resumes, the players can confront the referees with a ‘quiet dialogue between two people.’

So, now, challenging a referee’s decision will involve “a confrontation between two people, not one against four,” he told SportMediaset. “Therefore, you can have a quiet dialogue with respect for the referee.”

Under this new protocol, the referees will still be allowed to explain their decisions to the players, but, Rizzioli points out, it will be done with more caution. “Respect starts with distance,” he concluded.

Rizzoli, who has confirmed that VAR will be in place once the championship resumes, reassures that despite the travel difficulties, the referees will be given the right games:

“The priority is to have the right referee for the right game, even if we have to take into account how they will arrive at the stadium.”



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