Real Betis Fan Struggling to Pay Medical Bills Saved by Dani Ceballos


Juan Manuel Linares, an avid Real Betis fan, is reportedly in an induced coma in hospital after sustaining a heart attack on Monday.

A member of his family has set up a GoFundMe account to help cover the high costs of the medical treatment he is providing.

Former Betis player Dani Ceballos is one of those to donate on the GoFundMe website, now raising over $51,000. Ceballos himself has contributed $3,500 to help pay Linares, who lives in the United States, for the medical bills.

The Arsenal loanee has received several thank-you notes from Beticos for their donation.

During the lockout, Linares posted his home-schooling videos using Betis to help, as the club’s official social media pages have also shared.


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