Rashford Wins Award for His Charity Work to Battle Hunger and Food Waste


Greater Manchester’s high sheriff has given Marcus Rashford, Manchester United star, a Special Recognition Award because of his charitable work.

FareShare is a charity which aims to reduce hunger and restrict food waste. Rashford has made effective use of his recent spare time by working to raise money for the charity.

Such activities attracted the eye of Eamonn O’Neal, Greater Manchester’s high sheriff who, due to his successes, gave the England star a certificate.

Posting on Twitter, Rashford said: “These kinds of things wouldn’t usually be shared but this award is not only for me, it belongs to all of you.”

“Any one of you who has donated the least pounds you can, you’ve all made a big impact-2.8 million children a week are having food they wouldn’t normally get through this lockout because of YOUR assistance.”

“Without the support of you all and @fareshare, I could have achieved none of this. It’s a great feeling to be recognized by my city.”

Rashford had initially targeted donations worth £ 100,000. He ended up raising almost £ 20 million.


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