Rashford and Lingard Voice Their Disgust at Viral Video of Peers Bullying a Boy


Manchester United players Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard decided to speak out in support of an autistic boy who was bullied by two teenagers.

Lingard has sent him a direct message saying: “Don’t let anyone affect you. Dream big.”

The unfortunate incident was caught on video, which quickly went viral. One boy slaps the victim in the disturbing clip.

The bully then forces him to kiss the shoes of his and his female friend while others can be heard laughing off-camera. The boy was also racially abused.

In response, Rashford tweeted: “This is Kieran, a lovely young autistic boy. I have no words to explain for the other 2 in the video. The video is speaking for itself. Kieran, I got you my guy, always. I appreciate the love you always give me, and support. Keep your head high. Love, your friend, MR.”


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