Ramos of Real Extremely Supportive of La Liga Return


Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos is getting ready as La Liga aims to bring back football to Spain, which he says is desperately required, both financially and emotionally.

“This requires time to get moving, the nation wants sport as an economic boost and the public need it as a distraction,” Ramos said to Marca. “I am waiting to play again, for LaLiga Santander to be normal again.”

“We want to be near our family but we also have to be flexible,” he said, implying that Real Madrid will not be playing at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, if La Liga does return.

Speaking of the return of football, he clarified that this was a significant move for the world as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic:

“We have to be careful so that we can eliminate this virus. I want to give a word of encouragement to anyone who has lost a loved one, we can get through this and we have to work together.”

Ramos also offered some insight into what life is like as a footballer returning to training under the current procedure:

“We have to go to Valdebebas in divided zones to obey the laws, it’s a little odd to confusing but the scenario demands it. It’ll be La Liga who makes decisions. Germany set the example we have to adopt.”

If La Liga is permitted to continue, Ramos’s team has a real shot at winning. Real Madrid are two points behind Barcelona, with 11 games left to be played.


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