Rakitic Confirms He Is Still Open to Developments though Barcelona is His First Priority


Despite recent promises that he always fulfils his contracts with clubs, Ivan Rakitic has confirmed that although his primary priority is Barcelona, he has never closed the door to significant changes.

Although the former Schalke player has been transparent about his loyalty to Barcelona, he has been forced to deal with a whole host of reports that the Blaugrana would like to sell him, and it’s fair to say that he feels a little unfairly handled by the club’s lack of contact.

“I would have liked that at some point someone from the club would have come out publicly and said that Rakitic was staying, to just end the rumours,” Rakitic explained in an interview with Cope and Radio MARCA.

He even joked, “[Barcelona president] Bartomeu hasn’t told me anything, we haven’t spoken. Perhaps he is listening to us today and will call me tomorrow.”

“What I want is to think about Barcelona, but I have never closed the door to big changes,” he confirmed. “If Lautaro has to come, I will be delighted, but I have nothing to do with it. When we sign a contract, it’s with the idea of fulfilling it, also with the idea that I want to play, but I’m calm.”

Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla both have an interest in signing the Croatian media club, but it seems unlikely for either club to put together a fiscal package that will satisfy the Catalan club.

Having enjoyed a very good spell with Seville, however, the midfielder never hid his love for the city of Seville and made it clear that he would return to the city in the future. “We will go to live in Seville sooner or later, almost certainly,” he declared.


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