PSG Planning to Trade Off Two Players with Inter to Get Icardi


Paris Saint-Germain wants to buy Mauro Icardi off Inter, but instead of paying them 70 million euros, they are going to pay less and offer them Julian Draxler and Leandro Paredes.

T PSG are seeking a way to reduce the cost of permanently signing Mauro Icardi for the season 2020-21. he Parisians, according to L’Équipe, are prepared to put two highly esteemed players on the table for this.

Draxler, if he didn’t meet expectations, cost PSG 36 million euro. Midfielder Paredes, on the other hand, was priced at 40 million.

After Icardi’s stunning start (20 goals), it looked certain PSG would buy him permanently. Then, Cavani recovered from his injury and became less important to Icardi. Finally, as a result of the departure of the Uruguayan, it seems as though PSG will again push for the striker, who is still an Inter player.

The era that will arise after coronavirus will certainly make things creative when it comes to signing.


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