Premier League Will Not Be Played at Neutral Venues


‘Project Restart’, an official initiative to resume Premier League while also maintaining public health and safety, is in full swing now. As such, there has been much discourse regarding the venues at which the resumed matches would be held.

The Premier League held its shareholders’ meeting this afternoon after the UK Government announced that the season could start on 1 June, provided that conditions were met to curb the spread of coronavirus.

PL Chairman Richard Masters, as reported by BBC Sport, said:

“We are in contact with the authorities and listening to that advice, while also representing club views in those discussions.

“Since COVID became an issue we’ve been talking to the authorities about the conditions in which we could get the Premier League back up and running and taking all that advice on board, but it is an ongoing dialogue.

“But all must be cognizant of what authorities are telling us, and we’ll continue with that consultation.

“[There’s a] strong desire to discuss everything in the round, and to agree a collective way forward. [There’s a] really strong collective will to complete the season remains.”

Part of ‘Project Restart’ included the prospect of the remaining fixtures being played at neutral venues, but Masters now agrees that the parties are not prepared to follow that hypothesis.

Premier League clubs have also dismissed the concept of playing in neutral venues, although the English FA does not consider any relegation or cancellation of the season.

“Everybody would prefer to play at home and away if at all possible, and it’s clear to see some clubs feel more strongly about that than others,” he said after the meeting.


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