Premier League Permits Teams to Play Friendly Games Now


Before the expected restart of the season on June 17, top-flight clubs have applied for permission to play other teams to step up match preparations, which have now been approved.

Indeed, today, the Premier League has given clubs the green light to play games for fun. But this approval comes with a range of strict rules including players in their own cars driving to games.

A set of strict instructions involve players driving their own cars to games with coaches assigned to match referees, according to The Telegraph.

The games will be played at either stadiums or training grounds but a list of requirements has been provided by the Premier League to ensure compliance with hygiene and social distancing laws. Some of the relevant rules are:

  • Clubs are not allowed to travel for more than 90 minutes
  • All players have to drive in their own vehicles, or even in their kits
  • There will be no official referees allowed, with coaching staff taking charge
  • Complete Stadium / Training ground risk assessments before games

It is also to be noted that a negative coronavirus test has to have been registered by all players involved in recent tests.


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