Premier League Finds Approval from UK Government for Five-point Framework


Boris Johnson’s office has cleared the framework for a Premier League return, including crucial plans for wide-ranging player testing.

However, it has been bluntly stated that every return is largely dependent on the flattening of the Coronavirus curve in the UK, and a major decrease in the death rate.

Other than this, however, Mirror Sport believes that the government allowed the Major League to shift to more specific plans from the outline planning phase.

The government has been in negotiations with the Premier League for weeks and now the office of the Prime Minister has given great hope that a return behind closed doors to finish the season is likely to happen in June.

Government coordination on the matches will include support programs at stadiums, including emergency and security facilities. However, a detailed testing plan will still be the responsibility of the Premier League- they will have to devise it as well as pay for it.

Further details of the plan will be set out at a conference of the top 20 flight clubs on Friday. A timeline for the return of football in the UK will also be presented at this conference.

The tentative structure includes: Phased introduction to training at the beginning of May for individual programs. Full contact team training, probably in the last week of May. Games will start in June as early as the second week.



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