Premier League Club Official Rejects Compensating Players Who Refuse to Resume Training


At their shareholders’ meeting Monday, the 20 clubs are set to agree that players can begin training in small groups under strictly controlled conditions.

However, some players refuse to return to training, citing their fear of contracting the coronavirus due to this exposure.

Well, a senior official at a Premier League club claims that if players refuse to return to the training, they will not receive their wages.

“I don’t really think they should get paid.” said one club official to Sky Sports News. “We are not actually exactly what the case is under their contracts.”

“If players are concerned and don’t want to practice, then teams shouldn’t pay their salaries, the club official said. “If you ask people on the street to train and play football against people being tested twice a week, if you were going to do it for £60,000 a week, they would all say yes. It makes me very cross.”


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