Paulo Dybala Tests Positive for Covid-19 for the Fourth Time in Six Weeks


Juventus striker Paulo Dybala is still positive six weeks after initially contracting the coronavirus, a source close to the player told CNN.

Dybala had four tests in total. He came out positive for the first two tests but is still awaiting the third and fourth. When each of the tests on Dybala took place is unknown. A spokesperson of Juventus informed CNN: “Dybala is still positive, and it will be communicated when he tests negative.”

The Argentine striker was one of the first players to sign Covid-19 from Juventus, along with Italian defender Daniele Rugani and French midfielder Blaise Matuidi, but has made a recovery:

“He’s doing fine now, he’s not getting any problems and he’s even exercising, now he’s waiting for the next two swabs’ tests. Dybala will respect the healthcare system and the length of time it requires. He’s a soccer player and doesn’t get extra treatment.”



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