Neymar Paid over 1OO Million Euros at PSG for Playing 80 Games in 3 Years


‘Operation Neymar’ hasn’t been what it was meant to be. Neymar’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain began in a way contrary to the plans of the French team. The Brazilian has only played 80 of the 155 PSG’s since arrival in 2017…and apparently has been overpaid for it, too!

According to Marca, he appeared for an average of 26 games each season, that is, about 51 percent. Each appearance has set them back around €1,400,000, suggesting he got paid €111 million for his 80 games.

Given that it cost them €222 million to sign from Barcelona and that they pay him €37 million a season, the player doesn’t represent a profitable expectation.

He also had to skip major games against Real Madrid and Manchester United. Before the 2018 World Cup, Neymar lost 100 days with PSG and played just 30 of their 56 games in 2017/18. It was in the following campaign when he missed out on United, stayed on the bench for 88 days and played just 28 of their 55 games.

A broken ankle in June 2019 caused another problem, putting him out in early 2019/20. He recovered but suffered another injury in October. He made 22 appearances out of a total 44 in 2019/20.

His period in Paris still has its problems, and a new challenge has been imposed by the break introduced due to COVID-19.


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